I think most of us have a vision of success, standardized superficially from somewhere.

Because of mine, it is hard for me to receive forgiveness when I feel I’ve poorly missed MY mark.

The question I’m afraid of, “does Jesus love phony’s?” Can I love myself, when I feel like a phony?.. especially like a phony authority figure over my sweet and innocent babies, whom I’m also supposed to be child rearing.

Disciplining kiddos is not for the faint at heart. It’s in THEIR innate brokenness, my kids, that MY brokenness gets confusing and painful.

What if I’m wrong. What if I messed that up. What if I mess them up. What if I made a mistake.

I am wrong all the time. I have and will mess it all up. I will make mistakes.

And hopefully I will be just imperfect enough for us all to realize I’m not meant to be their Savior.

Hopefully MY innate brokenness will most importantly cause them to collide with THE best fate: Jesus.

What if I admit I don’t know everything.

What if I make it clear I’m not perfect.

What if I too have bad days.

And what if I tell them how Jesus came to save in every single way.

What if I’m a human mom loving my human babies, surviving on continual grace.

What if.


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