I have to be honest. I've been feeling really convicted lately about all the promoting of foster care that I have done. Right now foster care literally feels all-consuming to our house and takes up most of my free time, and so naturally I talk about it a lot (or vent).

It's hard. Which is why I feel convicted. There was no plunge for me and Cam. Over the course of YEARS, we have been exposed to content and resources and life changes that the Lord used to begin shaping our hearts to prepare us for more. We actually PRAYED for deeper faith and to genuinely be used on behalf of the broken and oppressed with all that we have to offer. Did we fully know how this would transpire? No. But we came to a point that we fully realized that either we believed Jesus for it all, or we didn't. That either He could move mountains, or us moving our schedule around to be at church every Sunday was pointless. Because if He can defeat Hell, cast out demons, create everything, and rule Heaven and earth, then He also has a plan and use and greater hope for me, and a plan and use and hope for the broken, oppressed, isolated, hurting, in even the least of these.

Do I believe that we are ALL called to speak up and act in righteousness with our gifts on behalf of the widows and orphans and unrighteously oppressed children of God? A big bold YES. Vehemently. The POWER of Christ lives in you and me. Truth that changes everything.

But I FIRMLY believe from experience that it is our desire for more of Jesus that will GROW into good fruit in each of us, that will naturally and organically use your gifts for those truly hurting.

"Let prayer do the heavy lifting." -Bobbie Houston

Trust God enough to pray about it. Trust Him enough to keep showing up. Trust Him just enough to trust Him with all your trust. He perfectly tells the sun when to rise and set each and every day, and in His faithfulness and kindness, He is worthy to be trusted in new and risky, on behalf of those alone or hurting.

But mostly, trust Him enough to let your heart be broken for those who are breaking.

Pray about it. Read about it. Listen about it. Grow your perspective. And give Jesus your yes with it. And this, this is why I want to share EVERYTHING with you, that Jesus has shared and given to me. Because it is hard. Passion and good intentions are baby pools. Dive deep, but only with Jesus.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being interested. Thank you if you're still reading. I can tell you it is worth it, it can stink, but you will never regret at the very least, learning.



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