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Updated: May 2

My husband helped me realize something about myself the other day: I clean my hardest when I know my mom is coming over.

I can do more in the ten minutes that I anticipate my mom's arrival, then I can after an entire day at home with no children and coming off a full nights sleep. Yes, it is true.

90% of the time, my house looks like a bunch of slum lords live here, making me the head lord.

Except here is what I am proceeding forward with in 2019. A major goal of mine. I don't care.

I am almost always mentally, physically, and emotionally responsible for 4 out of 5 (& a future newbie) members of our household, since my husband owns his own company outside the home.

Well how I see it, I also just so happen to own my own company too. I own my own Gang, actually.

The reflection that my home portrays is that real life is happening here, around the clock. As the evidence shows in my home office, we are busy.

So, apparently in my work place, it has been a successful season. And my sights are set on an even more successful one for 2020.

I, Kelsey Holson, will no longer be feeling guilty or ashamed about the condition of my house from this day forward (unless my mom or nanny are coming over).

Instead, grade me on the number of clothes that we get dirty and dishes with food residue in the sink. We killing it.

Full tummies, bigger communities, and mouths full of cavities. Check, check, check. Our fiscal year rocked on those scales (I don't actually even know what that means but it sounds like business).

Our house may always look like slum lords live in it. Our clothes might always be wrinkly (link below for the best wrinkle releasing spray tested on DAYZ old laundry). But our capital investments of laughter, love, and character building, give us high hopes for our empty-nest-retirement and perfectly cleaned window panes, someday.

Consider this my electronic signature and deep deep, secret, hope, that this will all be worth the investment, in what now seems is some far away, magical, ending.


Mama. Mama. Mama.

Wrinkle Releaser:

Tom and Sheri's Iron in a Bottle


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